Reference Materials

Politics, Aristotle (350 BC)

Election by Lot at Athens, J. W. Headlam (1890)

A Citizen Legislature, Callenbach & Phillips (1985)

The Citizens Jury Handbook, Jefferson Center (2004)

The Party’s Over, Keith Sutherland (2004)

Justice by Lottery, Barbara Goodwin (2005)

The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki (2005)

The Athenian Option, Barnett & Carty (2008)

Gaming the Vote, William Poundstone (2008)

The Political Potential of Sortition, Oliver Dowlen (2008)

A People’s Parliament (Sortition and Public Policy), Keith Sutherland (2008)

Sortition:  Theory and Practice, Dowlen & Delannoi (2010)

Group Therapy for Democracy, G. T. Wierzbicki (2010)

The Luck of the Draw: the Role of Lotteries in Decision Making, Peter Stone (coming 2011)

Lotteries in Public Life:  Sortition and Public Policy, Peter Stone (coming 2011)

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