About R.M.D.

We the People of the Unites States are victims of a colossal hoax that our government is a modern form of democracy.  It is not.  In spite of the many spoken and written words to the contrary, the United States was founded by oligarchs as an oligarchy — and the supposed democratic reforms implemented over the last two centuries have done little but to advance the entrenchment of privilege among modern oligarchs.

The R.M.D. blog has a four-fold purpose to:

(1) expose the lie behind the fraudulent tale that the United States Government remotely resembles a democracy;

(2) make clear the reforms necessary to advance the cause of true democracy;

(3) make the case for the necessity of truly democratic reforms to the future prosperity of humankind; and

(4) invite the people of the United States to stop colluding with the hoax and take action to implement truly democratic reform.

[Note: Posts are intended to be read in sequence from Article I through Article X.  Comments are solicited at the conclusion of Article X.]

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